• Introducing: A Seasoned Industry Coach

    The Robert Armerding Company Story

    Robert Armerding

    1973: Pleasanton CA, with a brush and can of One Shot, I began a wonderful journey. Indeed, a sign that I built back then is still in downtown on the Chad Henderson Bandstand in the Lions Wayside Park. Besides having my own sign business, I have worked for a local sign shop and a national sign company. More recently, for 17 years I worked in San Jose, CA for Product Sign Supplies. When my friend Davey Glantz (N. Glantz & Sons) bought the company, I helped him with the transition and thus began a new service I am proud to introduce here.

    Over the years, I have attended California Sign Association functions as an employee of a member company. Now, having started my own Robert Armerding Company, I have joined CSA and my new focus is on the management side of your sign business. In the broad sense, I am a consultant / coach for the sign business.

    Each of us needs to be continuously growing and improving. I am here to help keep that going. To keep you on track. To give you confidence that you can apply the best practices to match the situation.

    Here is a list of the major themes in my consulting/coaching practice: 1) having fun at work while being productive, 2) stay sharp, 3) continuous growth, 4) people skills including leadership with empathy, 5) marketing and sales, 6) selling with stories, 7) problem solving focused on resolution, 8) stress-free productivity, 9) Webcast workshops for your staff and clients, 10) customer service, 11) customer experience management, 12) social media, 13) working with the 20 year old generation employee, 14) price and your competition, 15) futurist, what is on the horizon, 16) content editing, 17) the art of explanation, 18) the art of listening including the powerful use of the “talking stick,” 19) prospecting, 20) differentiation, 21) think outside the box, 22) positive outlook on life, 23) intense focus on where you want to be, 24) feel better about your sign business, 25) your area of innovation, and 26) constantly adapt to elusive business dynamics.

    We will work to keep your thinking current as your world changes, continually updating your focus, and it all begins with a short phone conversation. If you are curious to see if this might be helpful to you and your sign business, then reach out to me. I am available Monday through Saturday, at a time that is convenient for you. Cell phone 408-833-9920 Email: Robert[at]SignShopManage.com.


    About CSA Team

    About CSA Team CSA’s Executive Director, Roy Flahive, has worked within the sign industry for more than 50 years. He served an apprenticeship in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), owned his own sign company for almost 30 years and he is well-known and highly respected in the sign industry, having served on numerous boards, including those of the International Sign Association (ISA), San Diego Area Lighting Advisory Council, Arizona Sign Association, Western States Sign Council, San Diego Mayors Sign Code Task Force, and UL’s Industry Advisory Committee. Notably, Flahive has twice been elected President (Chairman of the Board) of CSA and has served over 30 years on that board. Cheryl Flahive, CSA’s Director of Member Services, has worked within the sign industry for over 33 years; twenty of those years, as vice president of a sign company in southern California. She has served in various administrative roles, from finance to project management, and is dedicated to helping CSA members at all levels. The CSA Communications Committee, made up of committed industry leaders, works in a behind the scenes capacity, to keep CSA members educated and informed.

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