About CSA


A Unified Voice of Professionals Dedicated to the Evolving Needs of the California Signage & Visual Communications Industry.


CSA is an association of professionals representing manufacturers, suppliers, consumers, and users of signage and visual communication media. It serves the industry by improving government relations, enhancing the professionalism of members, creating networking opportunities, and promoting the economic vitality, safety, and aesthetics of the communities its members serve.


CSA is an organization of professionals committed to the highest standards of quality, integrity and leadership, serving and educating its members and the communities where we work and live.


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Our Goal: Membership

Grow CSA’s membership and grow it significantly!

Membership Obj. #1: Make concerted and effective efforts to develop programs and recruit members from largely untapped markets, who are good prospects for CSA membership.
Membership Obj. #2: Design and implement programs and services designed specifically to retain all current and newly-recruited CSA members.

Our Goal: Governance

Conduct the association’s financial, management and administrative operations in an efficient and professional manner optimizing operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Governance Obj. #1: Undertake appropriate actions to: 1) Ensure the financial solvency and stability of CSA, 2) Ensure the association’s governing documents are up-to-date to contemporary association governance standards and provide a comprehensive, logical, methodology for governing the association, and 3) Continue efforts to enhance the professionalism of the sign industry.

Our Goal: Government Affairs

Always be considered the preeminent authority on all local, state and federal laws affecting the on-site signage industry in the state of California.

Govt. Affairs Obj. #1: Continue to enhance CSA's position as the sign industry's premier Government relations organization when dealing with on-site signage in California.

Goal: Benefits and Services

Increase the number of member benefit programs designed for current CSA Members, and for prospects in Groups 1 & 2. Continually monitor the progress for each.

Benefits Obj. #1: Provide cost effective member benefit programs designed to save CSA members time and/or money.
Benefits Obj. #2: Offer Education & Training programs with different pricing for members and non-members that is designed to encourage prospective sign companies to join CSA and existing CSA members to retain their membership.

Our Goal: Dues

Ensure an equitable dues structure while observing the responsibility to support CSA’s structure and programs.

Dues Obj. #1: Thoroughly review CSA’s dues structure as it relates to all membership categories with special attention paid to digital sign companies.


We are a non-profit organization representing the California on-site sign industry.

CSA was founded in 1959 by a few farsighted sign-company owners who saw the need for the Association.

We are governed by elected officers and board members who have an interest in the sign business and who donate their services to oversee the functions, operation and objectives of the Association.

Code of Ethics

On Professionalism Objectives
It is the intent of California Sign Association to strengthen and unify its efforts to separate our member companies from others who may engage in illegal and non-conforming sign installations and who are principally responsible for “clutter” and “blight,” reflecting a poor public image.
In interest of public image and welfare, we, the members of California Sign Association, pledge a policy of fair practice and honest endeavor to promote, protect and preserve the economic stability of legitimate, on-premise sign industry by:
Aesthetically designing and professionally constructing on environmentally compatible and visually acceptable product which coordinates a balance of design and color with the relative message, copy of graphics, and to place, erect, or display the product of our efforts in a safe, legal, manner to remain within the limits and scope of the legitimate contract and ordinance regulating or controlling the work performed.

Serving California's Sign Industry Professionals and Supporting CSA Members.


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