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    MONA Magic and More Tour

    On April 10th, members and guests of the California Sign Association eagerly visited a museum exclusively exhibiting art in electric media, with outstanding examples of historic neon signs, devoted to art that incorporates neon lighting! This is MONA – the Museum of Neon Art – in Southern California.

    Our group traveled to Glendale to experience the magic of Neon Art, featuring guest speaker, Neon Queen, Artist Lisa Schulte! She owns one of the largest neon collections in the world. An artist primarily recognized for working with light, Lisa experienced a tragic event at the age of seven that taught her to see the world in a different way, giving her an appreciation for how light interacts with surfaces and a passion for manipulating light. It was in 1984 when Lisa began to play around with neon lighting, the medium she is most well-known for. Our tour guide was Eric Lynxwiler; he is extremely knowledgeable and did a great job! A historian on the MONA Board, he curated the Motel California (sign) exhibit that we viewed. MONA is closed on Tuesdays, but Eric volunteered to open it for CSA; he is also the fellow who gives the MONA neon nights bus tour.

    Guests explored an institution that exists to encourage learning and curiosity through the preservation, collection, and interpretation of neon art. The current exhibitions “There’s More to Neon Signs Than Liquor, Motels and Live Nude Girls” and “Motel California” are one of a kind collections that surprised and delighted. Following the tour, attendees enjoyed networking and an evening of good Food + Camaraderie + Presentation! Based on comments from attendees, many are hoping to revisit next year!

  • WSSC – CSA Event is your 2018 Passport to Success!

    Wednesday, August 29, 2018

    9:00 – 10:00 AM GOLF – Registration
    10:00 AM GOLF – Shotgun Start @ Anaheim Hills Golf Course / 6501 E. Nohl Ranch Rd., Anaheim Hills, CA
    4:00 – 6:00 PM              CSA Board of Directors Meeting
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    Standardized Engineering, STEPS and Dinner Meeting

    On Tuesday, March 13, at the Green Dragon Tavern and Museum located in Carlsbad, 24 seminar attendees listened carefully as CSA director Mike Sullaway, PE with Sullaway Engineering, outlined CSA’s Standardized Engineering and how it can be utilized. This CSA seminar was extremely well-received: Attendees were taking detailed notes and actively seeking additional insights from Sullaway. In addition, the subject matter is part of CSA STEPS (Sign Training & Education Program Series), to keep members informed and trained with the proper skill sets for the on-premise sign industry.

    Following the seminar, the networking began. The tavern and museum offered a terrific atmosphere for seminar participants who planned on staying for the CSA dinner meeting, as well as additional guests who showed up for the dinner presentation to mingle, beverages in hand. Eventually, 28 people sat down for dinner and camaraderie. Dinner was followed by a presentation to update guests on STEPS and Certification of Crane Operators. Those in attendance were excited to hear that the two STEPS Core Categories, Sign Installation/Service Technician and Sign Manufacture/Assembly Technician have kicked off. The deadline for crane operators to be OSHA certified is November 10, 2018.

    A big “thank you” to Mike Sullaway, PE and all who attended the March events!

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    CSA at the Races in 2018

    On March 8, horses and trainers could be seen preparing for the day’s races at Golden Gate Fields located in Albany. This was the beginning of a winning day for twenty-one attendees in the CSA group, who attended the annual NorCal Day at the Races! Valet parking, entrance fee, a program, the CSA-sponsored Fifth Race (California Sign Association noted in the program under the fifth race), a picture in the winner’s circle and a wonderful buffet lunch all were included in the CSA Event Package.

    We couldn’t have asked for a better day: The weather was perfect, the track was fast, and the beverages and conversation started flowing at 11 a.m. Lunch was served at noon, first post was 12:45 p.m., betting was active, and cheering for favorite horses was lively and loud. CSA members and guests soon gathered near the Winners Circle for the start of our “Fifth Race”, with “horse #4” finishing as the winner, and a number of CSA members racing to collect their winnings!

    Based on comments from attendees, many are already looking forward to next year’s event!

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    CSA Members Meet, Tour, & Explore in January

    Board Meeting on January 18th STEPS and More

    January 18th, the CSA Board of Directors met in Sacramento, for a regularly scheduled board meeting; in attendance were 16 of the 26 directors as well as two of our active Directors Emeritus. The subject matter addressed at the meeting included standing committees (Government Affairs, Education, Communication, Technical, Professionalism and Membership) updates to the board, the CSA Sign Training & Education Program Series (STEPS) and Crane Operator Certification program, as well as additional activities by staff.

    After the board meeting, 28 folks took a Behind the Scenes tour of Golden 1 Center, an absolutely beautiful environmentally friendly facility and home of the Sacramento Kings basketball team. As an extra touch, CSA member Ryan Drury, Pacific Neon Company was able to elaborate on the six iconic neon sign exhibition in the southeast corner of the arena’s plaza level concourse; Pacific Neon refurbished the signs while preserving their historic integrity and Golden Gate Sign Company, also a CSA member, installed the signs. Golden 1 Center is the world’s first arena to be 100% solar powered and achieve the US Green Building Council’s LEED Platinum status. An unmatched food program sources 90% of the venues ingredients within 150 miles of the venue and Golden 1 Center has partnered with local food banks to distribute overstock food items to the community. In addition, they work with a local, innovative organics program which develops fertilizers for the farms that serve the arena.

    Following the tour, thirty people then sat down for a wonderful dinner and camaraderie at the Holiday Inn Sacramento Downtown, with a presentation by CSA Legal Counsel, Jeff Aran, bringing those in attendance up to speed on recent legislation and new labor regulations affecting the sign industry and California business owners.

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    Day at the Races — Bing Crosby Season

    Thirty-seven CSA members and staff attended the races on Nov. 16 at Del Mar Racetrack, located in Del Mar, California. Entrance fee, a program, the CSA-sponsored Six Race, a picture in the winner’s circle for two and a fabulous buffet lunch all were included in the CSA Event Package. Pictured Right: The horse and jockey in the photo, are the “win” from CSA’s Race 6.
    Two from our group (CSA sponsors; Dennis Lytle, Federal Heath and Brandon Damato, N Glantz) watched the race from the “winners circle”, then had their photo taken.

    With the help of our two sponsors — one $1,300 sponsor (Federal Heath) and one $500 sponsor (N Glantz & Son) — this CSA SoCal event was a huge success. THANK YOU!

    We couldn’t have asked for a better day. The weather was perfect, the track was fast, and the beverages and conversation started flowing at 11 a.m. After the pledge of allegiance and acknowledgement of our veterans in attendance, lunch was served at 11:30 a.m., and first post was 12:30 p.m. Betting was active, and cheering for favorite horses was lively and loud, with networking and camaraderie shared by all.


    “Let’s do it again next year!”

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    Inside Look: Sign Manufacturing Day 2017

    Cabrillo and Lakewood High Schools Explore Sign Manufacturing

    Sign Manufacturing Day brought together the experts at Superior Electric Advertising with the curious minds of high school students from Cabrillo and Lakewood High Schools. Two tours of 25 students each were crafted to give students a close up view of the complete sign operation. Hosted on October 5th, this was Superior Electrical Advertising’s first time participating in ISA’s (International Sign Association) annual Sign Manufacturing Day and the team at Superior really loved it. Following the first tour, four students asked for a job! Of course they had some really fun stuff on the production floor along with many brand names they recognized, giving them a true sense of the impact of this industry.  Continue Reading

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    CONNECT: A Conference to Remember

    The first CSA Educational Conference of the new, six-year plan was phenomenal!

    Hosted Wednesday through Friday, Aug. 23-25, at the Ontario Convention & Airport Hotel in Ontario, the emphasis was on education. From the first swing of the golf clubs, to the last enlightening seminar, the 2017 conference was memorable!  Continue Reading

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    CSA’s 15th voyage found first mate Joann Quiel with a new captain on board! Stalwart Captain Gary Quiel was unable to hit the water on Aug. 12, so CSA board member Randy Crossno stepped up to the plate! Forty-five anglers booked the trip, and forty actually boarded the Clemente at 5 a.m. The following is commentary from Randy Crossno:
    “We decided to take the long trip to Catalina, due to the questionable catch off the coast in the preceding two days, especially when the captain announced over the PA that “zero fish were caught yesterday.”

    On our way out, like CSA’s previous years’ fishing excursions, we were once again escorted by the friendly dolphins– but it was a short visit when they realized Captain Gary Quiel was not on board. They sent their best to the Quiel Family and headed north.

    Arriving off the Catalina Shore at 9:30 a.m., lines were dropped and our first catch that was immediately caught was a nice size yellowtail. We continued to fish until 1:30 p.m. bringing in yellowtail, bass, bonita, and barracuda, with the “Big Catch of the Day” by Jose Abundez, Team RNS!
    We arrived back to the dock at 6 p.m. It was a great group and a beautiful day on the water!

    A special shout-out goes to Richard Pando, RNS Channel Letters, Co-Captain for the day. Hope to see everyone next year!”

  • CONNECT: Connections + Education for Sign Trade Professionals


    The first CSA Educational Conference of the new, six-year plan is scheduled to take place Wednesday through Friday, Aug. 23-25, at the Ontario Convention & Airport Hotel in Ontario.

    Consistent with the goals of the CSA Board, the emphasis this year will be on education. With the finishing touches being put on the enhanced training (STEPS) program, the conference provides a good opportunity to kick off this ambitious program for the 2017-18 CSA year. Teeing off with golf, you will make new connections that boost your business.  Then soak up knowledge, hang with movers and shakers at the dinner event, and leave with batteries charged!  Participation in the 2017 conference is sure to be memorable!  READ AND REGISTER HERE. Continue Reading

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