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    Cold Beer, Gas Pumps, and a Washing Machine

    On April 10, 2014, the California Sign Association held its fourth membership meeting of the year at Reiff’s Gas Station in Woodland. This Northern California meeting venue, however, is something other than it sounds. Our friendly host, Mark Reiff, has established an antique gas station and automotive museum that is full of memorabilia that has been lovingly displayed from front to back, inside and out. It seems that there is something interesting to look at no matter where you turn; a long garage with both walls lined with vintage gas pumps, an authentic soda fountain, signs of all shapes and manner, and many interesting automotive themed products from the distant past scattered everywhere. There’s a fully restored 1955 Chevy tow truck parked in front next to gas pumps as they might have appeared mid-century.

    There were 20 CSA members in attendance for this warm Spring evening outdoor gathering, along with our Executive Director and Member Services Director, Roy and Cheryl Flahive, and our guest speaker, Jeff Aran. Bottles of cold beer and soda filled an antique 1950’s washing machine (turned into an ice chest) and a great barbeque spread was brought in. After welcoming the group, President Keith Wills introduced Roy Flahive, who briefed us on the state of the Association and his efforts to visit member and potential member companies throughout the state.

    Jeff Aran, CSA’s Legal Counsel and Director of Government Affairs, recommended various sales contract improvements, and reviewed pending legislative and regulatory proposals. He also presented a long list of California cities considering sign ordinance revisions. Mark Gastineau, co-chair of the Government Affairs Committee, contributed, as well.   Dave Brazelton, Western Sign Company, briefed the group on the difficulties and expenses he’s facing under in the new DOT diesel truck requirements.
    As the sun set over the rooftops to the west, Roy made announcements of upcoming events and the meeting was adjourned. Most in attendance agreed that we should come back to Reiff’s. It was a good time in an interestingly fun environment.


    About CSA Team

    About CSA Team CSA’s Executive Director, Roy Flahive, has worked within the sign industry for more than 50 years. He served an apprenticeship in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), owned his own sign company for almost 30 years and he is well-known and highly respected in the sign industry, having served on numerous boards, including those of the International Sign Association (ISA), San Diego Area Lighting Advisory Council, Arizona Sign Association, Western States Sign Council, San Diego Mayors Sign Code Task Force, and UL’s Industry Advisory Committee. Notably, Flahive has twice been elected President (Chairman of the Board) of CSA and has served over 30 years on that board. Cheryl Flahive, CSA’s Director of Member Services, has worked within the sign industry for over 33 years; twenty of those years, as vice president of a sign company in southern California. She has served in various administrative roles, from finance to project management, and is dedicated to helping CSA members at all levels. The CSA Communications Committee, made up of committed industry leaders, works in a behind the scenes capacity, to keep CSA members educated and informed.

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