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    Summit Hits its Mark

    On September 18, 2014 members and Directors of the California Sign Association met at Harvey’s in South Lake Tahoe. Just getting there proved to be an adventure with the massive King Fire raging right along Highway 50, but everyone made it safe and sound. Starting Thursday morning, the 2013-14 Board of Directors held their last scheduled meeting to discuss current and new CSA business. This was followed by a General Membership Meeting where the slate of the 2014-15 Board of Directors and Officers was introduced and approved by a unanimous vote of the membership.

    The meeting was followed by a luncheon with Mark Twain, real name McAvoy Layne, as our guest speaker. Mark did a fine job of describing Lake Tahoe as he knew it in the 1860’s, a highly entertaining and engaging presentation by this iconic wit. Following lunch, Teresa Young, of Sign Biz, Inc. and founder of LobbyPOP, introduced the members to CSA’s new website, www.calsign.org

    Members and visitors should visit the site to see for themselves the improved organization and navigation. Teresa then presented the seminar, “Dynamic Digital Signage”, introducing the audience to all facets of this emerging sales opportunity. Everyone walked out with a much improved sense of the technology and intrinsic details.

    From there, the attendees moved to the Vendor Showcase, where 24 exhibitors had set up tabletop displays of their featured products and services. The face to face, hands-on experience proves valuable to any sign shop. CSA appreciates the support the product manufactures, distributors, and service providers offer our association. See photos above.

    The highlight of the awards ceremony was the installation of three special CSA Volunteers as Directors Emeritus. Messrs Mark Gastineau, Gary Quiel and Skip Moore were elevated to this special group of CSA Board Members at this year’s Summit. Consideration for the designation as a Director Emeritus can only be given after a CSA Member serves on the Board of Directors a minimum of twenty years, and the current CSA Board of Directors nominates and votes in the affirmative for their installation.  All three of these men have served as President of CSA with two of them serving in that position twice. Their involvement in standing CSA Committees and chairmanship of those committees is too long to enumerate in this short article. Three other CSA Directors Emeritus were present to see and greet the new members of the corps; Anthony Patti, Roy Flahive and Legal Counsel Emeritus Bob Aran were present and welcomed the newest members into the group.

    The day was capped by the President’s Reception at 6:00 pm. The large room was busting with enthusiastic conversation and boisterous laughter. At 7:00 everyone sat down for the CSA Summit Banquet where a fine meal was served and more conversation ensued. As dessert was served, President Keith Wills took to the podium to acknowledge the valuable member volunteers of CSA with a plethora of awards. CSA Counsel, Jeff Aran, then installed the new Board of Directors, a great group of the movers and shakers of the California sign industry. This was followed by a live auction of activities and intriguing products, with all of the revenue going to CSA’s general fund.  Then the moment everyone anticipates, the $10,000 drawing. We’re happy to report that CSA Director Emeritus, Anthony Patti and his wife Penny were there to accept the grand prize. A fitting end to a grand event.


    About CSA Team

    About CSA Team CSA’s Executive Director, Roy Flahive, has worked within the sign industry for more than 50 years. He served an apprenticeship in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), owned his own sign company for almost 30 years and he is well-known and highly respected in the sign industry, having served on numerous boards, including those of the International Sign Association (ISA), San Diego Area Lighting Advisory Council, Arizona Sign Association, Western States Sign Council, San Diego Mayors Sign Code Task Force, and UL’s Industry Advisory Committee. Notably, Flahive has twice been elected President (Chairman of the Board) of CSA and has served over 30 years on that board. Cheryl Flahive, CSA’s Director of Member Services, has worked within the sign industry for over 33 years; twenty of those years, as vice president of a sign company in southern California. She has served in various administrative roles, from finance to project management, and is dedicated to helping CSA members at all levels. The CSA Communications Committee, made up of committed industry leaders, works in a behind the scenes capacity, to keep CSA members educated and informed.

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