• Sign Manufacturing Day October 2, 2015

    Sign Manufacturing Day is a wonderful way to share the many exciting and diverse job opportunities that exist within our industry as well as showcase the importance of manufacturing to the US economy. Last year several participating companies were asked about jobs, internships and job-shadowing possibilities. Sign Manufacturing Day, held this year on Friday, October 2, is a way to engage students and teachers in the sign and visual communications industry, build awareness of the jobs and careers that are available within our industry and showcase the importance of manufacturing to the US economy. Nearly two dozen companies have already signed up, including two CSA member companies, Federal Heath and Signtech.

    CSA would like to encourage more of our member companies to consider participating in this very worthwhile educational event as well.

    Participating company prerequisites:
    • Close proximity to a middle school, high school, vocational school and/or community college
    • Clean with good safety standards
    • Large enough to accommodate tours of up to approximately 20
    • Innovative, versatile, green, exciting, interesting and/or unique
    • Must be able to do the necessary promotion for event, which includes sending out a letter (provided by ISA) inviting local schools to the tour. All communications, such as letters and other materials (open house toolkit and infographics) will be provided by ISA
    • Provide an engaging tour guide

    ISA will be the liaison for NAM for all items including facilitation of the online registration for participating companies on the NAM Manufacturing Day website. Should companies desire it online registration for the attendees can be via the NAM Manufacturing Day website and they will receive notification each time someone signs up this way. ISA will do the heavy lifting with toolkit, letters and more.

    While there isn’t a firm deadline for signing up for this opportunity, making the decision sooner and no later than the end of August would be best for planning purposes as it will give companies the most time to reach out to schools, work with their Chamber of Commerce to attract attendees, etc. If interested in participating, please contact Alison Kent at ISA: alison.kent@signs.org or 703-836-4088 for more information.

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