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    New Innovation from ADTI Spells New Options for Sign Industry

    ADTI-Logo-on-WhiteThese are exciting times in the world of signage. As Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) technology becomes increasingly popular and interactive, the options for sign dealers become wider and wider. While so many choices can make deciding on the right sign somewhat of a difficult internal struggle, one thing is clear – dealers are looking for American-made quality and innovation. Companies like ADTI Media are answering that call. With the release of its revolutionary SKYPANEL™ display system, the Temecula, CA-based company is among those manufacturers helping sign dealers throughout California appeal to clients with weatherized, energy-efficient signage options that are surprisingly affordable.

    Sign shops need more advantages to get ahead in today’s economy. But shifting an industry means first shifting a paradigm. With design focused traditionally on the front of signs, new attention is being directed to the back, as well as overall structural integration. For example, SKYPANEL™ displays feature extremely low-profile, lightweight modular framework. “This innovative design allows dealers to order and ship LED signs directly to clients in 24 hours – just a fraction of the time and cost that the industry is used to,” explains Greg Littlefield, VP Marketing for ADTI.

    But the true benefit of full modularity comes to the sign owners, of course. This revolutionary architecture lets remarkably high-quality LED displays be installed easily in a few short hours. They can also be installed on almost any surface, such as on old, outdated static signs and broken or failing displays, for instance. Sign professionals now have the option of enabling their clients to retrofit old signs without wasting the capital of an entirely new – often very expensive – structure.

    Logo“ADTI Media takes pride in playing a part in the burgeoning innovation that our industry has experienced recently, and looks forward to producing more game-changing advancements in the future. So plug in, stay tuned, and get ready to be amazed!” adds Littlefield.

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