• Necessity is the Developer of Invention

    Necessity is the Developer of Invention

    Interview with Aaron Clippinger, CEO of V Sign Software

    One of the primary website sponsors for the California Sign Association is V Sign Software. The software was originally developed out of necessity to keep track of all the details. With an almost unlimited number of factors contributing to a final software system, from the prospective buyer’s inquiry to the work-in-progress cycle, the software organizes projects as they make their way through a custom sign shop. Sign shops know it is paramount to have a project management system in place to help keep the project on budget.

    Aaron Clippinger, the founder of Vujade, LLC and developer of V Sign Software, noticed the burden placed on a sales consultant while he was handling sales for a national company. He explains, “A salesman’s energy should be spent on making new contacts and not spent on micromanaging the sign projects he sold. A project manager’s job is to make sure the project goes as intended without having to chase the salesmen around for the information.” With this idea, Vujade, LLC was created and they launched their software, V Sign Software.

    We asked what were the goals of V Sign Software as it was being developed. Clippinger provided a detailed review:

    “Goal #1 – Everyone will input, work and save from V Sign Software. No part of the company would work as an island. This rule helped maintain continuity on projects, even if an employee left or was out ill. “
    “Goal #2 – The system had to be user friendly so the non-computer literate employees could use the system. V had to be easy to navigate and understand. We wanted to make sure each user could navigate through the system with ease.”
    “Goal #3 – The system needed to be intuitive. It is set up in such a way that the next step in the process would be the next item. The system would also categorize information based on one number and not by procedure. This “One number, one project” idea was how the information is categorized in V.”

    CESA memberClippinger explains that the goals were the foundation for the development. “Built in is the ability to break down each project for materials, labor and outsourced items. Companies can determine the actual cost of each project before it is sold. Cost awareness leads to cost savings,” he explains.

    Cost awareness leads to cost savings.

    From new ways to schedule, new ways to track progress and keep track of costs, V is growing with each new company that comes online. “We make a deal with each company that signs up. If you come up with a great idea for the system, we will build it and implement it for free in yours and for every system running V Sign Software. This is an organic growing system that we will all benefit from.”

    Clippinger adds, “We at V Sign Software are pleased to be apart of CSA and to help each user focus on what they do best, rather than paper shuffling. We look forward to working with you and helping out the signage industry in every way we can.”
    To learn more about V Sign Software, visit www.vsignsoftware.com

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