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    Five Core Values Drive Starfish Signs

    People, Products, Customers, Community and Sustainability.

    starfish-signs-doorMike and Laura Reilly founded Starfish Signs & Graphics in 2012, with the objective of bringing a different type of business model to the sign industry. Although new to signs and graphics, they had spent nearly 30 years in other manufacturing and service industries, honing their skills in quality, innovation and customer service. They founded Starfish Signs to be a values-based business, with the five arms of the Starfish representing the Company’s five core values: People, Products, Customers, Community and Sustainability.

    What does this all mean for customers? First and foremost, Mike and Laura love the challenge of building a manufacturing business in the State of California. California is a state of significant opportunity, and historically, has had a very strong and innovative manufacturing base. Although Mike spent most of his career outside of the sign industry, he has significant experience in applying the concepts of Lean Manufacturing and Manufacturing Excellence in a wide range of settings. So why not signs? Customers expect high quality and responsive service – no different than customers in any other industry. Through the application of Lean Manufacturing (the elimination of waste), Starfish Signs intends to shorten lead-times, improve first time quality, and delight customers with a commitment to project timelines. Mike adds, “We love manufacturing. We aren’t consultants, we aren’t brokers – we love to build things, and as such, we will continue to develop our in-house manufacturing and service capabilities.”

    “We like to experiment with new materials and new methods.”

    Mike & Laura Reilly-sized“We love complex projects. We enjoy putting the pieces together to bring a project from concept to installed fruition. This includes planning, design, permitting, fabrication and installation. We like to experiment with new materials and new methods. In fact, our unofficial slogan is that ‘if it is not unsafe, illegal or unethical, then give it a try!’”

    “What are the benefits of this approach for our customers? First, we want them to see that we solve problems. So for customers who have struggled with permitting, or who haven’t been presented with options that match their project requirements, or who have short timelines, we want them to see us as a breath of fresh air. We encourage our team members to find a way to say ‘we can do that’. While we won’t make unrealistic promises, we want our team to have an orientation of getting things done, not coming up with reasons why things aren’t possible. And in the end, we believe there is value in the old adage to ‘under-promise and over-deliver.'”

    Starfish Signs supports a broad array of cultural, educational, environmental and humanitarian organizations. “We get to partner with people and groups that are making a difference, and we get to be associated with positive, upbeat people who really exemplify the spirit of abundance! Who knew that making signs gave us so many opportunities to make a difference! And with a focus on sustainability, what better community to live and work in than San Clemente,” adds Mike.

    San Clemente PierTheir motto says it all: “Starfish Signs:  Stand Out. Be Noticed. Get Results.”

    To learn more about Starfish Signs, visit www.starfishsigns.com

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