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    Education, Part 2 “Pathways”

    The California Sign Association has made a strong commitment to meeting the education needs of its members, and of California’s sign industry at large.  Last month’s article reviewed the well-attended CSA Conference workshop on hiring and keeping Millennials. This Part 2 article covers the focus of CSA’s recent visits to some PUSD high schools, and their efforts to prepare students for successful careers. As CSA’s President for the 2016-2017 year, Pete Michelini, explains, “… CSA is placing emphasis on education and creating a qualified workforce for the industry; a definite need as expressed by the sign industry in general.”

    The California Sign Association continues to address its commitment to meeting the education needs of its members, exploring new and exciting ways of developing our workforce. As the question continues to be asked “where can we find employees and how do we train them,” new avenues are opened – Okay, let’s call them “Pathways.”

    On December 1st, Pete Michelini, CSA President; Roy Flahive, CSA Executive Director; and Cheryl Flahive, CSA Director of Member Services, attended a training program at the Porterville Union High School District. To say each of them was impressed is an understatement — they were simply overjoyed at the wonderful work being done with the students – they not only are being prepared for higher education and careers, they are learning the necessary skills for successful futures!

     “PUSD Pathways Linked Learning” is part of an effort statewide to address the needs of students as they prepare for successful careers.

    The referenced training program “PUSD Pathways Linked Learning,” is part of an effort statewide to address the needs of students as they prepare for successful careers. Their “Pathways” program offers small learning communities, college preparation, career-theme focus, academic rigor blended with technical relevance, project-based/hands-on learning, work-based learning opportunities, and actual projects utilizing CNC routers, laser cutting machines, 3d-printers, computers, etc.

    Not only are these students being taught skills used in the sign industry, they are also learning so much more that our members have been looking for: Social skills, professionalism, thinking outside the box, working as a team, focusing on specific projects and aligning with other students within their chosen Pathway.

    CSA is anxious to tap in to this education program throughout the state; in particular, internship opportunities and exposure to the terrific careers available in the Sign Industry!

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