• Education Takes Center Stage, Part 1

    The California Sign Association has made a new commitment to meeting the education needs of its members, and of California’s sign industry at large.  While it is true that every one of the  seminars and dinner meetings throughout the year features a well-vetted and relevant topic, now we will see a strong focus on seminars at annual conventions.  Topics featured at the Association’s dinner meetings this year alone include: LA Chamber of Commerce; Speaking Geek: Websites Decoded; Increase & Secure Your Bottom Line; Right Brain Rules!; Transitioning: Leap and Land on Your Feet; Cyber Security; Cash Management, and many other high-impact seminars.

    CSA’s President for the 2016-2017 year is Pete Michelini, who explains, “During this year, CSA will remain diligent in addressing local and statewide Government Affairs and concerns affecting business and the sign industry. We will continue to work with cities and counties throughout California to develop equitable sign codes…. In addition, CSA is placing emphasis on education and creating a qualified workforce for the industry; a definite need as expressed by the sign industry in general. Member enthusiasm for this new path was heard August 25th at the CSA Annual Conference, with the Education Session room packed with CSA Conference attendees.”

    Member enthusiasm for this new path was heard August 25th at the CSA Annual Conference, with the Education Session room packed with CSA Conference attendees.

    Michelini is referring to a keynote presentation by Teresa M. Young, President/CEO of Sign Biz, Inc., and Lori Anderson, President/CEO of the International Sign Association. In today’s article, we look at the first hour of this two-hour seminar, titled “Hack the Hire and Reap Retention.” The presentation took place on Thursday, August 25, 2016 from 8:00- 10:00 am. Despite the early hour, the room was packed, and a few folks had to stand at the back of the room.

    New Tools and Resources to Find and Keep Good People

    Teresa M. Young kicked off this big keynote with a look at new research that explains how social media prowess, ongoing education, and Millennials can build a better business and a stronger hiring process.
    This seminar shed light on social media, workplace training and culture, and education factors that can drastically reduce staff turnover, and consequently, improve a business's bottom line.

    With the Millennial population on the rise, and the need for qualified staff that stays, it is imperative to use today’s newest resources. Check out the compelling evidence in the video highlight reel here!

    Part 2 of this two-part series provides insight from Lori Anderson into new credentialing tests that can have a profound impact on staff quality and retention. The future of employment and retention offers modern, high-tech and high-touch opportunities for verification. Young and Anderson shared some high-impact, fresh new perspectives that certainly empowered human resources. Watch for it in two weeks!

    “Our goal is to develop an industry training program for installers, fabricators, project managers and all other functions necessary to conduct successful operations. Through education, we look to raise the on-premise sign industry to new levels of professionalism, high quality product, and career advancement and growth for CSA Members.
    I look forward to serving our CSA Family.”
    Pete Michelini
    President, 2016-17

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