• Dynamic Signage Considerations

    Certainly Dynamic Digital signage is a market that has been percolating for a while. The massive economic downturn stymied many manufacturers and audio-visual professionals: They could not find a receptive market. Today, prices have dropped dramatically and it seems nearly every business can utilize these wayfinding / advertising/ informational screens. But to serve this market, a few technicalities must be mentioned. For example, electronic waste. As you replace old display screens, California has some rules you must observe.

    Regulations prohibit covered electronic devices “from being sold or offered for sale” in California if they are prohibited from sale in the European Union (EU) under a Directive for “Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances”, or RoHS. The EU’s RoHS prohibits the sale of certain electronic devices if they contain heavy metals in concentrations above specified regulatory limits.

    California’s RoHS law applies only to a “covered electronic device”, which is defined in statute as “a video display device containing a screen greater than four inches, measured diagonally, to include:

    Cathode ray tube containing devices (CRT devices)
    Cathode ray tubes (CRTs)
    Computer monitors containing cathode ray tubes
    Laptop computers with liquid crystal display (LCD)
    LCD containing desktop
    Televisions containing cathode ray tubes
    Televisions containing liquid crystal display (LCD) screens
    Plasma televisions
    Portable DVD players with LCD screens greater than four inches

    If you have any further questions about this or any other area of hazardous waste management you can contact the DTSC Regional Office closest to you at 1-800-728-6942.


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