• Introducing: A Seasoned Industry Coach

    The Robert Armerding Company Story

    Robert Armerding

    1973: Pleasanton CA, with a brush and can of One Shot, I began a wonderful journey. Indeed, a sign that I built back then is still in downtown on the Chad Henderson Bandstand in the Lions Wayside Park. Besides having my own sign business, I have worked for a local sign shop and a national sign company. More recently, for 17 years I worked in San Jose, CA for Product Sign Supplies. When my friend Davey Glantz (N. Glantz & Sons) bought the company, I helped him with the transition and thus began a new service I am proud to introduce here.

    Over the years, I have attended California Sign Association functions as an employee of a member company. Now, having started my own Robert Armerding Company, I have joined CSA and my new focus is on the management side of your sign business. In the broad sense, I am a consultant / coach for the sign business.
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  • Big Winner Signtech!

    2016 Convention’s Big Winners

    While everyone who attends the CSA Conference each year is the beneficiary of connections, knowledge and fun, there was a big winner in the conference fundraiser. The California Sign Association was proud to present a check to Kevin Cline with Signtech Electrical Advertising this week, winner of the annual CSA $10,000 Fundraiser. Kevin is a long time supporter of the association and has been participating in this fundraiser for years – It was with great pleasure that CSA’s executive director Roy Flahive, was able to hand deliver the winnings. In the photo, from left to right; David Schauer (President, Signtech Electrical Advertising), his father Corky (CEO), Kevin Cline, Roy Flahive, and Patty Soria (Signtech Electrical Advertising VP of Production and new board member to CSA).

    Congratulations and thank you Kevin!

  • High Fives for this California Manufacturer!

    Five Core Values Drive Starfish Signs

    People, Products, Customers, Community and Sustainability.

    starfish-signs-doorMike and Laura Reilly founded Starfish Signs & Graphics in 2012, with the objective of bringing a different type of business model to the sign industry. Although new to signs and graphics, they had spent nearly 30 years in other manufacturing and service industries, honing their skills in quality, innovation and customer service. They founded Starfish Signs to be a values-based business, with the five arms of the Starfish representing the Company’s five core values: People, Products, Customers, Community and Sustainability.
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  • ADTI EMC Installation

    New Innovation from ADTI Spells New Options for Sign Industry

    ADTI-Logo-on-WhiteThese are exciting times in the world of signage. As Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) technology becomes increasingly popular and interactive, the options for sign dealers become wider and wider. While so many choices can make deciding on the right sign somewhat of a difficult internal struggle, one thing is clear – dealers are looking for American-made quality and innovation. Companies like ADTI Media are answering that call. With the release of its revolutionary SKYPANEL™ display system, the Temecula, CA-based company is among those manufacturers helping sign dealers throughout California appeal to clients with weatherized, energy-efficient signage options that are surprisingly affordable.

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  • Necessity is the Developer of Invention

    Necessity is the Developer of Invention

    Interview with Aaron Clippinger, CEO of V Sign Software

    One of the primary website sponsors for the California Sign Association is V Sign Software. The software was originally developed out of necessity to keep track of all the details. With an almost unlimited number of factors contributing to a final software system, from the prospective buyer’s inquiry to the work-in-progress cycle, the software organizes projects as they make their way through a custom sign shop. Sign shops know it is paramount to have a project management system in place to help keep the project on budget.
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  • Fresno Neon Sign Company

    Lighting Up the Valley Since 1932

    Fresno Neon Sign Company is one of Central California’s oldest and most well-respected sign manufacturers. With clients from across the state and recognizable projects dating back to the 1930s, they are truly a part of valley history. Specializing in custom design, fabrication, installation and service of all sign types, they have evolved from just neon to a full service sign shop.
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